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Thu, Dec 13th, @7:00am
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Without reaching an open flower, pollen would become mere dust, never fulfilling its purpose.  This image, borrowed from the French philosopher Gabriel Marcel, could be used to speak of The Word. It is present but it must reach those who desire to receive it.  People who have come to RCIA have a readiness and receptivity but the Word must reach them.  Enter, the Catechists!

Catechists-who are they?  Ordinary folks who are willing to stretch a bit in order to present some aspect of the Word and show how it illuminates the path we all journey as believers.  People who accept the challenge to prepare a lesson for the RCIA are given objectives to guide them and ample resource materials.  These, together with their own spirituality, give shape to their efforts as they prepare a catechetical topic they've chosen from a list.

Catechists read, pray, listen and share, trusting all the while that the Spirit will both guide them as well as open the minds and hearts of the RCIA members.  There are intangible rewards such as a deepened faith, greater understanding of the Word, and an increased awareness of Grace at work in themselves and others.

Catechists may volunteer or be recruited but no matter how they come, God gives them the grace to respond.  They are called to serve in this important ministry of passing on the Faith. 

Some current advertising on TV shows a person sharing an "aha!" moment he/she had and how it changed his/her life.  Ask a catechist if they have ever had an "aha!" moment in their ministry and then be prepared to listen to some interesting experiences!

To explore serving as an RCIA Catechist, please contact Sr. Mary Ellen at 544-7426

RCIA Sponsor

   RCIA sponsors are guides, companions in Faith, who give service to unbaptized or baptized persons as witnesses.  The RCIA process encourages those who wish to become Catholic to learn about Catholic life and beliefs as they grow in the knowledge of God and deepen their relationship with Christ.  The weekly sessions impart knowledge in a structured way but it is the sponsors who help make the connection between Faith and life as a Catholic.  As guides, sponsors companion and encourage the transformation that comes about and leads to full membership in the Catholic Church.  RCIA sessions build relationships and form a community of believers ready to share in the mission of Christ.

If you would like more information about this ministry, please contact Sr. Mary Ellen at 544-7426

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