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Monday, 03 May 2010 09:34

The role of the cantor in liturgical worship is to lead in a manner that is warm and welcoming and encourages the entire assembly in sung prayer. The cantor is also called to animate the music, to take the written notes "off" the page and give them life and then share that life with the assembly. Cantors lead the assembly in prayerful song during Sunday liturgies as well as other liturgical and prayer services during the year. Part of their ministry is as the psalmist, proclaiming in song the Word of God! They teach and help support the assembly in the learning of new music.

While it is important for a cantor to possess an engaging voice and the ability to sing on pitch, practice and preparation become most important. The ability to lead is always helpful and a sense of prayerfulness and reverence for the assembly's sung prayer grows as one grows in their ministry. On-going education and training are always provided in a one-on-one basis. One should also possess a willingness to grow and learn.

Over the years there have been many people who have shared their talents with our community as Cantor including many young people such as Caitlin Hoemmen, who is attending college and Christina Sotak O'Dell, who is married and living south of Springfield.  Currently our Cantors are: Caitlin Hoemmen Meghan Kunz, Gusta Schuchmann, Ken Behl and Vickie Stamper.  If this sparks your interest to find out more, then contact the Music Director, Paul Johnson, or any of the present cantors or choir members regarding more information and/or training. Mr. Johnson can be reached most every weekend and through the parish office at 544-7426 or email:  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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 Proper microphone placement and useage   Cantors: On memorization       

 Remote Preparation:

    1. Read any materials on your craft that are given to you.
    2. Read over and reflect upon the lyrics of the psalms and hymns you are to lead. Remember St. Augustine's words: "To sing is to pray twice".
    3. Be sure to have the Music Schedule in your hands at least 5 days before your scheduled Mass.
    4. Set up a practice time with the accompanist at a time other than the day of the Mass.
    5. Practice on your own before meeting with the accompanist to get some idea of the music, particularly if it is new to you.
  1. Immediate Preparation:
    1. Be present for a warm-up session at least thirty (30) minutes before your scheduled Mass to go over any musical or logistical changes that may have occurred since the planning of the Mass.
    2. Turn on the speaker system 3-5 minutes before Mass.
  2. At Mass:
    1. Find a friendly face and make all introductions and page number announcements confidently and clearly.
    2. Be present to the assembly by standing tall, looking into their faces (those eyeballs again), and inviting them into God's presence by your attitude of prayerfulness, as well as by your musicality. Remember, we are the leaders of sung prayer first and foremost.
    3. You've heard it said that "timing is everything." Pour yourself into the ritual action. There is no room for a "jack-in-the-box" - one who is so busy looking for the next piece of music, taking a drink of water in full view of the assembly, jumping up between the readings without pausing to reflect on them, looking down at the music instead of up at the Presider during the Eucharistic Prayer, singing through Communion without partaking of the Gift of Christ Himself (yes, the people can and will sing without you as you receive the Body and Blood of Christ). All we have is the present moment to give to and receive from the Lord.
    4. The Leader of Song (Cantor or Psalmist) is a person who possesses a pleasant voice, who can articulate the words clearly, who can invite us to come into God's presence singing along with him or her.
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