Catechetical Ministries

    Catechists are those who are called to serve through teaching, witness, prayer, service and building community. Catechists minister to adults, youth and children in a variety of locations and programs: parish faith formation & religious education programs, youth ministry programs, sacramental preparation, RCIA, family programs, Scripture study, and more. Through word and example, catechists teach the Catholic faith and proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

    Catechists have a vocation...a calling from the Lord rooted in Baptism to carry out His mandate to teach the Gospel. The General Directory for Catechesis tells us that "The Church awakens and discerns this divine vocation and confers the mission to catechize. The Lord Jesus invites men and women, in a special way, to follow him, teacher and formator of disciples." (GDC 231)


    If you presently serve as a catechist, are you interested in enriching, or deepening your understanding of yourself as a catechist?

    Many people in our parish serve in catechetical ministry. A catechist is someone who "echoes back" the gift of his or her faith and the faith of the Church. Presently, catechists serve our parish in many ways including Christian Faith Formation with children, RCIA, in our parish school, in adult faith enrichment, in small church groups, sharing God's Word with children during our Sunday liturgies and social outreach to others. First and foremost, parents are catechists for their children in the ways of faith. Oftentimes we are catechists to one another without even knowing it!

    Our parish is offering a wonderful opportunity to all persons who are interested in catechetical ministry. Our parish has received a grant from the Diocese for Echoes of Faith Plus. It is a basic level, video-assisted resource to help us grow as catechists. It consists of three modules: The Catechist, Methodology and Theology. The main components of each module are a DVD and a companion booklet for each participant. There is a bonus DVD in each participant's booklet which can be used to review the sessions. Persons who complete all three modules will receive certification as a catechist from the Diocese.